Outdoor tiles: A growing trend!

How outdoor tiles are made up and where you can place them


The functionality of outdoor tiles has varied in recent years. They are not only applied in external home environments due to their resistance to sunlight, rain and the passage of time; they are also used as a way to decorate the environments, adapted to each style.


But before that we tell you what makes them different and resilient. These tiles have special characteristics in their manufacturing process that make them anti-slip.
In Torra Mosaics we have made the first hydraulic tile with independent non-slip certification, known as Class 3.

To date this artisanal system of creation was totally unknown and we believe it revolutionized the world of the completely artisanal hydraulic mosaic.


After a long period of research with our technicians we have developed the Torra Stone system, which consists of an innovative non-slip process applied to the hydraulic tile, transforming the smooth texture of the piece into a completely uniform rough texture.


The Torra Stone system can be applied to any of our hydraulic floors, thus covering all possible spaces within the paving both inside and outside with total uniformity. In this way, it is feasible to place, for example, the same model of the living room of your home and continue with the same piece to the garden or porch.


As you imagine, the exterior tiles can be incorporated into the home environments you want. However, it is advisable to make use of this anti-slip technology in external spaces to take advantage of this functionality.


The options are as follows:


  1. Garden. If you have a nice garden, the external mosaics can give you a new and more attractive vision as there are a lot of models with different designs that adapt to your tastes and preferences in colors, drawings, shapes. If you have a swimming pool you could surround it with this material and thus allow double functionality: decorative and non-slip.
  2. Terrazo. You can create a pleasant aesthetic by decorating this area of the house with outdoor tiles. You can play and create roads or driveways.
  3. Bathroom. This is one of the privileged areas to incorporate this type of material due to its high resistance to water and humidity, as well as its anti-slip power.

Benefits and advantages of outdoor tiles in relation to other materials


The advantages of outdoor tiles are many. The most valuable is related to their high durability since they resist to the high external temperatures without degrading as usually happens with other types of coatings.


These are highly resistant materials whose wear are minimal over the years and can be reduced completely with the appropriate care.

In addition, and as mentioned above, this pavement has an excellent waterproofing enhancing its non-slip quality.


Being very versatile, the external tiles adapt to any style or decorative culture of the house. There are dozens of formats, textures, finishes and designs to choose according to the tonalities of the walls, the furniture and the layout of the rooms.


Without a doubt, these outdoor coverings are a great option to decorate your home without losing the exceptional functionality they have.

At Torra Mosaics we will be able to advise you and show you the various outdoor tiles we have in stock or help you create yours in a personalized way!

Let us speak and let your home shine with a unique and effective material.

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