Decorate with hydraulic tiles

Hydraulic cement tile carpets

Hydraulic tiles, in addition to filling the floors of various rooms with shapes and colors, are a very colorful decorative element that can be used in many compositions, including the creation of a carpet with hydraulic tiles.

New carpet trends with hydraulic tiles

Although the origin of the hydraulic tiles was to cover the floors of the houses, today they have acquired a new orientation, being able to place them in many different ways. One of the most used is the creation of rectangular shapes in the center of a room imitating the shape of a carpet. An increasingly demanded trend that allows a wide variety of combinations of shapes and colors.

On the one hand, this effect can be created in the center of a hydraulic tile pavement, changing the color or design of the tiles that will create the shape of a carpet. To do this you can resort to a more modern style for the part that will frame the rug, and a more classic, vintage style touch for the creation of the carpet.

Another way to create an original and very cozy hydraulic tile carpet is from the combination with other materials, the most used of all the parquet, which manages to create a framework of warmth, by creating a wooden coating around the tiles.

In short, the uses of the hydraulic tile give rise to novel creations and new forms of decoration that manage to create very original effects, proof that the vintage style is still in fashion.

3 common uses of hydraulic tile carpeting

Mosaic tile carpet for private homes

The hydraulic mosaic carpet for private homes is ideal if you have large living rooms. In this case, introducing a distinctive element with geometric, floral or anthropomorphic motifs will give a touch of distinction to the room. It is essential, however, that you make sure that the material is of quality and installed by professionals. This is the type of work that can look great, but it has to be well done. The materials have to be of quality and the composition has to be coherent, even if you decide the motif. Beyond the various advantages of the hydraulic floor, here it is valued, above all, that it is aesthetically beautiful.

It is also common to see a hydraulic mosaic carpet in the garden or outside the house. In this case, the result is more eye-catching and looks better. This is probably the use in which there is more room for customization. As the objective is not to please third parties but to please you, you can customize the design ad hoc. This was the main target of the manufacturers of hydraulic floors in its beginnings and today it is back. The possibilities available to you are varied and if you contact a specialized company, you will find what you are looking for.

Hydraulic mosaic carpet in public buildings and parks.

Public buildings can incorporate hydraulic tiles and mosaics. Although this is a composition that suits different contexts, there are buildings where it is more common. Railway stations, for example, give rise to it because, in addition, many respond to a modernist design. It is also used to embellish airports and bus stations. It is not so common, but you can also find these carpets in

government buildings, especially when they are restored. Finally, you can also find hydraulic mosaic in hospitals or schools, although more rarely.

Undoubtedly, the most common public context to find these mosaics is outdoors. In public parks and gardens it is normal to find hydraulic mosaic carpets. In this case, priority is given to plant motifs in keeping with the location. Finally, it should also be noted how the hydraulic mosaic carpet is useful for the beautification of some streets. It is recurrent to see that the main squares and pedestrian walkways include them. The personalization is usually associated with some important historical motif. In any case, to achieve a satisfactory and economical result (essential in the public sector) you will want to talk to a manufacturer.

Hydraulic mosaic tile carpet in stores and professional offices

In commercial surfaces, hydraulic mosaic tile is a good option to sell more and better. The most characteristic case is the open mall that allows the installation of this composition with guaranteed success. However, this carpeting is also installed in the interior of clothing stores, as long as a vintage design is sought. Unlike other contexts, it is usual here to include geometric or floral motifs. These are more neutral and achieve the desired effect. It is true that, in some places, anthropomorphic motifs are introduced.

Although perhaps not as common, you can also find the hydraulic mosaic carpet in professional offices. This composition, as long as it is well configured, gives a touch of distinction to the premises. In architectural offices, lawyers or similar is relatively common to find it. In professional schools and private clinics it is also recurrent the introduction of these motifs, usually in a central position, where non-slip tile floor designs also stand out.

Cement tile carpet ideas

Wood floors with hydraulic mosaic tile carpeting

alfombras vinilicas hidraulicas1 Carpet tiles

Carpets with geometric patterns in interiors

alfombra vinilo hidraulico1 Carpet tiles

Outdoor hydraulic carpets

The use and installation of hydraulic tiles in exteriors is also within the current decoration trends, as they are used to delimit corridors and outdoor areas, as well as to mark the entrance of a specific place, which makes any place look much more colorful and eye-catching.

Normally, for this type of carpets, strong colors that stand out in the presence of sunlight or more serious motifs or with arabesque flourishes are usually used.

The cement tile carpet by Mosaics Torra

Mosaic carpet with border

This is the mosaic rug that has a colorful or patterned border or frame, while the inside is kept plain, either with tiles that match the outside tiles or keeping the same color as the main tile, this is ideal to go under the dining table.

Classic Victorian Rug

This mosaic rug is composed of Torra’s Victorian tiles, which are very colorful tiles and are preferred for composing these spaces. They are ideal for large living rooms, where the carpet serves as the centerpiece of the room.

Hexagon Gaudi Rug

This one carries the tiles from Torra’s Gaudi collection, composed of dark colors, as they are ideal for forming a frame and combining with plain tiles. These mosaic carpets look great for those environments that want to give them an avant-garde and modern touch.

Hexagon Avantgarde Rug

This carpet is also in the form of mosaic but more colorful and multicolored, either in degradation of colors or monochromatic, looks great with smooth tiles and is ideal for stores or offices.

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