The magic of hexagonal cement tile in bathrooms and bedroom

June 10, 2022

Hexagonal cement tiles to decorate the bathroom or bedroom? At Mosaics Torra we say yes! Suitable for all styles and sizes, hexagonal mosaics allow you to achieve a modern and avant-garde look without sacrificing the quality and resistance of a coating as noble as this one.

Discover ideas and tips for installing hexagonal cement tiles in these rooms of the home.

Where to use hexagonal cement tiles

Small format mosaics are living a golden age. The hexagonal cement tiles are a classic renewed and updated through different design possibilities that embellish bathrooms and bedrooms. It is an original and striking option to generate a unique aesthetic presence on both floors and walls due to its original format composed of 6 sides.

In addition to creating a style with great personality in bathrooms and bedrooms, the hexagonal cement tiles also allows to distribute an open space in a functional and original way. This type of material can be found on the market in multiple finishes, sizes, designs and colours that facilitate its combination with other coverings, decorative patterns and architecture.

The important thing is to make the most of its design and highlight the format through its installation. Thanks to all these features and possibilities, it is a product suitable for any room in the home that requires a modern and avant-garde appeal.

Tips on how to get the most out of hexagonal cement tile

Here we share with you the best ideas and tips to enhance the hexagonal cement tile and get the most out of it in your rooms, especially the bathroom and bedroom, the most chosen places to place this type of coating. Take note!

  1. Total protagonism! Achieve the perfect dynamism in the space by letting the tile play the leading role. To do this, opt for a bold design that stands out from other coverings and neutral materials or furniture that do not overshadow the mosaic.
  2. In the shower area you can make it the star detail and cover the wall with a hexagonal cement tile, making it the perfect resource to give an imposing touch to your bathroom.
  3. Use it to add dynamism. One of the greatest aesthetic advantages of hexagonal cement tiles is that they are able to reproduce different textures. In the master bedroom, making use of this advantage can bring more dynamism by combining different tones and textures that achieve a super attractive result.
  4. Play with mixing hydraulics. Did you know that combining different materials in the same room has become a must in today’s decoration? It is a resource that, in addition to beautify the home, is used to delimit the functional areas of a house. Dare and achieve a modern and colourful counterpoint.
  5. Give a touch of colour to your kitchen. The hexagonal cement tile can be used in the kitchen as a decorative front, to generate a touch of colour and originality.

3 types of hexagonal cement tile for your bathroom or bedroom

In Mosaics Torra we have 3 options of hexagonal cement tiles extremely original and made with the same quality craftsmanship of yesteryear so you can cover floors and walls of your bathroom or bedroom.

Discover them below!

Encaustic cement tile Collection Hexagonal Gaudi: unique and daring!

In 1904 the famous Catalan architects Antoni Gaudi designed the hexagonal piece that contains three marine elements: an echinoderm (starfish), algae of the genus Sargassum and a fossil of the Ammorites class (sea snail).

Each piece includes a third part of each element and by joining seven pieces together the complete drawing can be visualized.

This cement tile comes in four colours, white, black, grey, green and is a modern and avant-garde alternative for your bathroom or bedroom.

You can see it in our online store!

Encaustic cement tile Collection Hexagonal Avantgarde

This collection of hexagonal cement tiles is manufactured in 28.5 X 24.7 cm and 1.8 cm thick.  It is marketed in two different models.

Multicolour inspired

by 6 colours: green, red, mustard, white, blue and black. And another exclusive model for a more modern and avant-garde public made in 4 colours: white, black and two greys.

by 2 colours combining combining white with grey and white with mustard

You can see this type of Hexagonal cement tiles in our online store!

Encaustic cement tile Hexagonal Plain colour

This collection of cement tile measures 20 x 23 cm and has been created for lovers of formats different from the traditional style.

Restaurante con suelo e baldosa hidráulica hexagonal-balnco y gris

Available in three colours: white, lead grey and graphite grey; you can buy it in our online store!

We hope you can carry out our ideas and recommendations of hexagonal Cement tiles to make your bathroom and kitchen shine accompanied by a unique style as provided by these coatings.

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