Maintenance Products for our cement Tiles

limpieza baldosas hidraulicas
Here we present all our maintenance products, ideal for the treatment, protection and conservation of our hydraulic mosaics. TORRA SEALER: It creates a very resistant barrier by sealing all of the existing pores in the hydraulic mosaic,thus creating a superficial layer with great durability. TORRA BRITE SEALER: This has identical characteristics to the TORRA SEALER but this one will also highlight the color of the piece, giving our paving the brightest look TORRASTONE-GAUDÍ SEALER: It is the ideal product for the treatment of all our external hydraulic mosaics of our Torrastone and Gaudi Hexagon series, the Torrastone Sealer slightly enhances the tone creating a very resistant barrier. It is very important to follow the application instructions for this product that are duly indicated on each package, to achieve optimal effectiveness in the treatment of our hydraulic outdoor cement tiles. TORRA WAX TILE: This offers extra protection and allows for you to achieve the most distressed and brightest finish for your hydraulic mosaic TORRA FLOOR CLEANER: Ideal product for the removal of the remains of work, cement and saline efflorescence of our hydraulic floors. It is also suitable for cleaning the stains of daily use of hydraulic tiles. It can also be used for the restoration of the old hydraulic cement tile thus obtaining the power to remove these hydraulic pavements.

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