Craftsmanship applied to hydraulic tiles

STONE anti-slip treatment

Torra Stone® non-slip Hydraulic Floor

We would like to introduce the new non-slip hydraulic tile – Torrastone® is the result of a long period of research with our R&D technicians at Mosaics Torra. The “Torra Stone” system consists of an innovative anti-slip process applied to the hydraulic cement tile, which transforms the smooth texture of the piece into a totally uniform and anti-slip rough texture, a concept totally unknown until now and that will undoubtedly revolutionize the world of handmade hydraulic mosaic tiles.

Baldosa hidráulica antideslizante

We make any of our non-slip models.

We want to emphasize that Mosaics Torra is the first company in the market that has created a non-slip hydraulic tile with independent certification Class 3 according to UNE 12633:2003 standard.

The Class 3 (or C3) anti-slip certificate guarantees that the “Torra Stone” system has an anti-slip level classification system, thus reducing any risk of slips and falls. This confirms that it can be perfectly used for public places, for any indoor area and also for all indoor wet areas with a slope of more than 6%. For example, we are talking about the installation of hydraulic tiles for bathrooms (spa areas, shower trays, etc.), but also for any outdoor area (porches or terraces, pool edges, etc.).

UNE-ENV 12633:2003, Annex A. Technical Building Code, Section SUA-1 SAFETY AGAINST THE RISK OF FALLS.

With the Torrastone hydraulic tile we will be able to cover all the possible spaces within the paving of the hydraulic floors both in exterior use and in interior spaces with total uniformity and continuity, being able for example to place the same model chosen for the living room of your home and continue it with the same piece to your garden or terrace only changing the texture of the piece from smooth to rough.

Another very important factor is that it does not need any maintenance, unlike other chemical products that exist in the market since our Torrastone treatment is mechanical and therefore does not require any maintenance over time.

Another advantage of the “Torrastone” system is the immediacy of supply since we will apply it to any of the formats or models of the different collections that Mosaics Torra sells with a delivery time of 15 days from confirmation.

Consult here all the models of hydraulic floors available to be able to apply the Torrastone treatment, Models.

How do we do it?

Once the pieces are placed we will fill the joints with a plastic and flexible grout (always use light colors since dark colors could stain the pieces, the mixture should be made quite liquid and with a rubber trowel until it fills the entire joint, repeat this process until the joint is completely filled with material. Immediately after doing the grouting, we will wait from 15 to 20 minutes and we will proceed to clean all the surplus grout of all the pavement preferably with a foam trowel, and that we will be rinsing with clean water after each application so as not to stain the pieces and so on. Acids should not be used to remove excess cement or to clean the hydraulic tiles as they could be damaged. To clean the remains of the end of work, cement, etc.; you can use our product Torra Floor Cleaner.

Once the whole installation process is finished, in some cases and during a certain period of time, it is possible to observe the appearance of some white stains (efflorescence) produced by the solidification of soluble salts contained in the water. This behavior is quite common in this type of material. The stains will disappear with daily use and as the pavement is washed with water and neutral soap.

3 examples of anti-slip tile use

Non-slip hydraulic tiles have become a very affordable and indispensable product in many homes. They are safe, easy to clean and durable. These are good reasons why they are the most chosen option when we decide to change the floor of our homes. If there are elderly people, they are almost an obligation to install them.

Safety starts at home with anti-slip flooring

Creating a safe home environment is now easier than ever with slip-resistant tiles that prevent home accidents. With these tiles, you’ll feel like you can walk around without fear of an improper slip or an unseen spill.

And one of their advantages is that they require very little maintenance.

The pool is to be enjoyed

It is very typical the image of teenagers or children chasing each other around the pool. With traditional tiles, falls are guaranteed, but with non-slip tiles we can still see them running around the pool with much more peace of mind.

Especially for the little ones who are beginning to take their first steps, this type of tile gives them a certain security in an unfamiliar environment.

Surrounding the pool, or at least a large part of it, with non-slip tiles will also allow you to have a more level and solid surface, which will make it easier for the older members of the family to safely enjoy cool summer evenings by the pool, while the little ones soak in the water, and pleasant sunny afternoons in winter.

Safety is the argument that has undoubtedly tipped the balance definitely towards the option of placing non-slip tiles around the pool, safety for the little ones as well, since with a good non-slip treatment dangerous slips are avoided. All that remains is to carefully choose the right material and design to meet my expectations, although in this aspect I have no doubts…

Non-slip tiles for stairs

In a block of apartments without elevator, one of the common, omnipresent and essential elements is the staircase as an unavoidable way and, the fact that the hydraulic tiles with which it is covered are not suitable, can be the cause of more than one displeasure in the form of slip and fall, especially if children or elderly people live in the block and, especially if the tiles are wet for any reason.

However, to neutralize this risk, it is only necessary to choose suitable hydraulic tiles with a good anti-slip treatment, which will provide the residents of the building with the necessary safety to move, without fear of accidents, along a path that they will normally walk and retrace several times a day, without forgetting, of course, the dangerous runs of the little ones.

Logically, we will not leave aside other aspects when choosing the hydraulic tiles to cover our staircase; details such as color, size, ornamental finishes, appearance with sunlight, with artificial lighting, spatial effect depending on the dimensions of steps, landings, etc. cannot be ignored, since it is a path that we will see and walk very often.

Safe family gatherings

Thanks to the right tiles we will be able to celebrate parties or invite our friends knowing that we can offer a much safer home where they can feel at ease. The meetings will have that extra feeling of well-being and carefree that we will be able to transmit to our guests in an unconscious way.

After placing this type of tiles in our home, if someone slips, it is very likely that it is because of those drinks they are enjoying in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere surrounded by good company that invites you to let go and focus on the things that really matter.

The most extensive collection of anti-slip floors

Choose model and make it non-slip

We bring you a careful selection of the best tile collections for your home or business to give that spatial feeling you want for your home.

Opinions about us

Maria Antònia Casajuana Villadelprat
Maria Antònia Casajuana Villadelprat
Les rajoles hidràliques Torra són precioses, m’agraden moltissim. Ja estan instalades. També vaig adquirit els productes Torra de neteja i impermeabilització pero encara no els hem posat. Durant el procés de compra em va atendre la Núria i es va ocupar del tot el que li demanava molt bé. Em vaig sentir escoltada i molt ben atesa. Gràcies Núria
Alberto Sanz
Alberto Sanz
Es un placer acariciar ese producto fabricado con tanto amor y dedicación. Cada una de sus baldosas vibra en humanidad, un placer y un privilegio disfrutar de productos con historia que se siguen fabricando siguiendo procesos 100% artesanos.
Julio Godoy
Julio Godoy
Excelente servicio, baldosas de cemento de primera calidad, de diseño intemporal, con consejos y productos para limpieza e impermeabilización de las mismas. Absolumente recomendable. Y Nuria, en la tienda de Barcelona es de una gentileza y amabilidad incomparables. Todo de 10 con nota. Muchas gracias !
Lucina Fearon
Lucina Fearon
Encontramos Mosaics Torra por google y qué buen encuentro. La fábrica tiene una extensa exposición y el personal un gran conocimiento de sus maravillosas baldosas hidráulicas, a cuál más bonita. Y en stock! Servicio amable y honesto. Un 10. Gracias
Des del meu punt de vista excel·lent direcció artística, i amb un tracte honest que agraeixo especialment. Feia molt que buscava un disseny hidràulic per una estància i res no em feia el pes, aquí n'he trobat molts que m'han fet dubtar fins l'últim dia! Molt content del disseny que m'he endut a casa, encara es veu millor a les mans!
Xavier Cánovas Genovés
Xavier Cánovas Genovés
Bien asesorado con un trato muy profesional y material de alta calidad. El surtido es espectacular con un servicio rapido. Volveré para próximas reformas. Gracias
Ana Vicente
Ana Vicente
Varem anar a la seva botiga del carrer Deu i Mata de Barcelona i tot fantastic, tant l’atencio rebuda de la Nuria i la Montse com del servei, i per descomptat del mosaic hidráulic, doncs vaig fer la comanda i amb 48 horas tenia tota la comanda a casa meva, cal remarcar tambe el suport tecnic que ha tingut el meu col-locador per part de la fabrica que li van ser molt utils per l’instalacio del mosaic , us passo algunes fotos de com ens ha quedat tot. Molt recomanable
laia beumala
laia beumala
Calidad excelente y servicio muy bueno. La verdad que nos ha quedado una cocina y baños muy modernos y exclusivos. Recomiendo totalmente, repetiremos
Teresa Costa
Teresa Costa
Realment estic molt contenta amb el servei ofert i el material. Hem posat el model serradet en dos tons de grisos i blancs i ens encanta. El servei ha estat ràpid i eficient. Ho recomano al 100%.

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