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10 characteristics of the Nordic style

What is Nordic Style? Nordic style emerged in the early 20th century in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, where the cold days of winter and their characteristic landscape have been translated into home interior decoration: furniture, ornamentation, textiles, and color palettes reflect the charm of these lands where mountains, forests, and snow reign. […]

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles and hydraulic flooring for kitchen

Did you know that hydraulic mosaic tiles for kitchens can enhance your space just the way you always wanted? In this post, you’ll find various options that can inspire you in your search for the antique hydraulic mosaic that perfectly matches the modern style of this unique environment. The Return of Hydraulic Tiles for Kitchens […]

20 places where to lay Cement tiles

Hydraulic cement tile allows its use in a multitude of rooms and places since the wide range of colors and shapes it offers allows it to be successfully integrated into all kinds of environments, both indoors and outdoors. Discover 4 strategic places to place hydraulic tile and it will look amazing. Hydraulic Tile Entryway The entryway is one of the places where hydraulic […]

Trencadís: Concept, works and models

Trencadís is one of the most well-known construction techniques of Catalan modernism. In this article, we explain what it consists of, provide examples of buildings that use it, and where to buy the material. What is the trencadís technique? The term trencadís is a translation from Catalan. The most accurate Spanish translation would be “fragile,” and it refers to a […]

Tiles and antique floors

Old hydraulic floor types for the home have gained great recognition in recent years as their quality and versatility add aesthetic and artisanal value to any room that manages to preserve them. Do you know which old-fashioned floors have become fashionable? If you have decided to renovate your home with this type of materials, don’t miss […]

suelo hidraulico levantado

My floor tiles have lifted up, what do I do?

You’ve chosen your hydraulic cement tile floor; you’ve already selected from thousands of designs and materials. You lay it according to the instructions, but there comes a time of year when the hydraulic floor rises, causing aesthetic problems, and even leading to materials breaking. These are the 2 reasons why this happens, just to give you an idea. The cement tile rises, but it’s not a mystery […]

Panot Barcelona: Concept, History, and Available Models

Panots are the type of hydraulic tile used on the sidewalks of Barcelona. Their history is fascinating because they have inadvertently become one of the symbols of the city. When Were Panots Introduced? Panots are intimately related to the urban development of Barcelona’s Eixample. Traditionally, the city pavement used macadam stone. The problem it generated […]

How to clean hydraulic tiles?

Have you tried everything to clean your tiles but they still don’t look good? Here, we will explore some home tips to clean your hydraulic and ceramic tiles, leaving them sparkling clean and shiny. Let’s start with ceramic tiles. Please note that while these tips are suitable for ceramic tiles, they may not be appropriate […]

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