20 places where to lay Cement tiles

May 8, 2024

Hydraulic cement tile allows its use in a multitude of rooms and places since the wide range of colors and shapes it offers allows it to be successfully integrated into all kinds of environments, both indoors and outdoors. Discover 4 strategic places to place hydraulic tile and it will look amazing.

Hydraulic Tile Entryway

The entryway is one of the places where hydraulic tile can act as a space delimiter. In addition to giving this small space in the house a touch of prominence, it will create a cozy and warm visual effect.


The kitchen is a highly trafficked area, where we spend a great deal of time. It’s here that hydraulic tile serves multiple purposes, whether as flooring or as an original and colorful countertop. Whatever its use, the kitchen will acquire a vintage style that is most flattering.


There’s nothing better than beautifying our garden with an original path made with hydraulic tiles. It’s ideal for delimiting areas, decorating rest areas, and creating a very natural environment. Don’t hesitate to decorate a garden table with hydraulic tiles matching the pavement to create a very chic area.

In the Bathroom

It’s one of the places where they gain special prominence. Bathroom tiles look perfect whether decorating the walls, as a bathtub covering or delimiting the shower area. It’s a compliment that always creates a surprising effect.

Wall Decoration

Just like in the entryway, mosaics as decoration can be done anywhere in the home. One option is the simulation of paintings, which, thanks to the different styles of mosaics, allows for retro or modern designs. It’s best to do this on a single-color wall so that they can stand out.

Exterior Walls

Mosaic wall coverings for exteriors are special for breaking the internal monotony. While the interior provides warmth to the spaces, the exterior is the face of your home or the frame of the garden. Don’t overlook these spaces, where in many cases you can place some nice chairs and tables to enjoy tea in the afternoon or chat with friends without being indoors.

Living Room Walls

Living rooms are those different areas of the house that comprise spaces such as the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, a playroom, or a TV room. These places can look different with just a mosaic wall covering of a special tone or with a personalized texture.

With wall mosaics, you can change any room in the house, consult with us, at Torra Mosaics we offer you the highest quality mosaic.

Children’s Room

Although mosaic is often associated with an antique style, its resurgence has been accompanied by all kinds of designs. Furthermore, the possibility of making personalized mosaics allows for adaptation in any place. For example, in the children’s room where printed mosaics on the floor can be combined to achieve a fun and adapted style for the little ones.

Stylish Stairs

Finding a style to decorate the stairs of our home with hydraulic tiles is very easy given the wide variety of resources, designs, shapes, and colors that we can find on the market. Whether to give it a retro touch or a more modern feel, the range of hydraulic tiles is very extensive.

One way to make our stairs look different is by combining two colors, either in black or white or in various shades that reflect the general decoration of the house or the room where they are located. If you want to give it a bolder touch, you can opt for patchwork decoration that is characterized by the combination of all kinds of different tiles, in various colors and with different geometric shapes.

Combined with wood or marble steps, hydraulic tiles will add a touch of color and will look very different from traditional stairs. Add a plus of originality, and opt for a hydraulic tile design to cover the fronts. The result will be surprising and very pleasant.

Tabletop Surface

A table, whether for the living room or the dining room, looks great when you add various shades of mosaics. It’s best to buy the shades you like and choose a strong table to customize it. It’s also excellent because you can give a great touch to your home.

Tile Plates and Mosaics

Did you do some work and end up with some mosaics with excellent design left over? The best thing you can do is turn them into plates or real centerpieces. A disinfection and a good wash will be all you need at this point, and you’ll have excellent kitchen utensils.

Artwork and Paintings

Artwork and paintings made with mosaics have become a true vintage trend for decorating modern apartments. From animal species to human faces, you’ll find them all. Before it was difficult to buy them.

Mosaic in Flowerpots

A fabulous idea for gardens is to make pots or planters with mosaic tiles, these are made with several 5 tiles, which can be of different colors, they must be rectangular or square, these are joined at their edges with cement or special glue for sticking tiles. Subsequently, they are filled with soil and a natural flower is planted or artificial foliage can also be placed.

Original Headboards

Headboards can become a most original complement with the implementation of hydraulic tiles as the main decorative element. The wide variety of designs and colors available in the current hydraulic tile market allows for various and original combinations, thanks to the great diversity of collections from which we can choose.

On one hand, we can choose to combine tiles of the same design, choosing the color that best matches the background of the wall. Another somewhat bolder design consists of making a patchwork combination in which originality and the creation of headboards full of colors and shapes are of special importance, creating a unique design together.

Another way to create more innovative combinations is by integrating the hydraulic tile with other types of materials such as wood, plastic, marble, and almost any other material available for creating headboards full of personality.

One of the peculiarities of hydraulic tiles is that they can be perfectly integrated with any type of decoration, from retro styles to the most contemporary ones. Original, innovative, and with multiple possibilities, hydraulic tiles are back in fashion in many spaces.

Turning My Inner Courtyard into an Artistic Mosaic

I’ve always liked the idea of turning my inner courtyard into an artistic mosaic, with various motifs representing diverse landscapes, making me feel in some way that it has a bit of the aroma of all those known places in the world, and also of the unknown ones, which evoke pleasant memories, or keep alive the illusion of visiting them someday.

A wall recalling the spectacular landscapes of the Sahara Desert on a full moon night, another one that reminds me of the hanging houses of Cuenca, or the impressive Angel Falls in Venezuela; a floor that depicts the mountain of Montserrat, or the Torcal de Antequera; all on an artistic mosaic, would give my inner courtyard the image I desire.

I believe that a space where we spend part of our time, specifically the time we dedicate to activities other than our work, is an ideal place to recreate images that serve to transport our imagination to situations that occupy

a pleasant space in our particular memory chest, and the idea of doing it on artistic mosaic… I like it.

Rustic Hydraulic Tiles for My Basement

I’ve always had the idea of ​​turning the basement of my house into a comfortable living room, where I can enjoy my favorite hobbies, music, reading, etc., in total tranquility, enjoying the coolness in summer, when the heat is intense, and the warmth of a good fireplace made with refractory brick, on a comfortable rustic hydraulic tile floor, properly treated.

A floor covered with the right hydraulic tiles, in addition to being an ideal floor to express my aesthetic concept, provides the desirable properties in terms of transpiration, warmth, or coolness desired in each climatological stage of the year, and helps turn a basement into a special place to disconnect from daily stress, to enjoy pleasant leisure time, alone or in company.

Enjoying a good dinner, cooked over the fire of the fireplace, giving it that special flavor that only the fire of burning firewood can provide to a meal, is one of the many gratifying activities that we can carry out in a well-conditioned basement, and covered with rustic hydraulic tiles, which provides that calm atmosphere that we sometimes need.

A Chessboard Mosaic for Chess Enthusiasts

For an enthusiast of this noble and popular sport, having a table whose top is a chessboard mosaic, located in some part of his house, in the patio or garden, on the terrace, etc., besides being a visual gratification, provides him with the possibility of having a special piece entirely to his liking, in a personalized and designed corner for his enjoyment.

In, his corner, he can enjoy playing a game with a family member or friend, listening to music, reading a good book leisurely, or simply enjoying the beautiful board that he has designed or chosen, while he reflects or converses enjoying a good coffee, knowing that if the liquid spills accidentally, his mosaic chessboard will not be damaged.

It is essential to choose or design your chess mosaic board, with the motifs, colors, size, and shape that best suit your taste, and accompany this aesthetic set with the appropriate light and plants, which enhance the feeling of comfort and well-being, either self-sufficiently or by being advised by the professionals of the design department of Torra Mosaics.

Recovering My Patio Well with Hydraulic Tiles

Having a well in the backyard of the house is something that was quite common some years ago and even today, in small towns or areas not too overloaded by the urban development typical of big cities, and although today it doesn’t have the essential utility it had in the past, it’s still a useful and decorative element at the same time, which gives a special touch to the aesthetics of the patio. We can cover it with hydraulic tiles.

Logically, such a traditional element must be treated with extreme care when covering it, taking into account the other elements that are part of the composition; when choosing colors, designs in their case, and suitable material to cover it with tiles that must always serve to enhance its typism, turning it into the central element of the environmental composition that is the patio.

When making this composition, in addition to the dimensions of the well and the patio, the colors that predominate in walls, floor, and other elements must be taken into account, essential data that will guide us towards hydraulic tiles, to achieve a leisure space, where we can enjoy the company of family and friends, on the afternoons and evenings of our torrid summers.

Fireplace Furniture

Hydraulic mosaics are suitable for covering fireplaces. This is due to the quality we previously highlighted. We refer precisely to its great resistance. The walls of a fireplace can reach very high temperatures. Few materials can withstand them. And even fewer that can do so while providing an aesthetic touch.

However, the hydraulic mosaics from Mosaics Torra can do it for a small investment. They withstand high temperatures and can be used to decorate our fireplace. Both on the external part and on the door that closes the mechanism, we can install hydraulic mosaics that will provide a very special decorative touch. At the same time, they will provide functionality, ensuring that the space of the fireplace is well delimited.

Outdoor Sets

For the reasons explained in the section where we talked about the advantages of hydraulic mosaics, we can also talk about outdoor sets such as barbecues. We all know the classic Andalusian patios, where a few colorful elements accompanied by vegetation form a beautiful view.

Hydraulic mosaics can help us achieve that effect and implement, with it, the feeling of space. Thus, for example, with the covering of a fireplace, we can ensure that a specific space gains personality and identity.

As we highlighted earlier, the great resistance of hydraulic mosaics to high temperatures makes them a very smart option.


Hydraulic mosaics can come in many sizes. More recently they are being used for indoor spaces that had not traditionally had them. In offices, we can achieve a very elegant touch using plain mosaics. At the same time, since it is a very easy material to clean, we can achieve a perfect state at all times.

So, as you have been able to verify, the possibilities are almost endless. Hydraulic mosaics offer us many possibilities. We reveal them to you in other articles where we give you advice about them. Whether you already have them installed or want to install them somewhere in a space, Mosaics Torra helps you. Ask us for information and check out the entire range available on our website.

For example, the Victorian Collection or the Gaudí Collection, with them, you can create a space with personality and, at the same time, join a trend that has been in fashion since the 19th century. Consult with Mosaics Torra and visit our blog.

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