Customize your Tile

At Torra Barcelona, we allow you to create your own hydraulic tile, thus choosing from a personalized menu with more than 100 different colors. Select between the different categories of hydraulic floors and choose the model that you like the most. You can download it in PDF format and then send it to us so that we can make a totally free budget. You also have the possibility of visualizing the hydraulic tile designed by you in 3D and being able to get a totally real idea on. How it can look in different rooms such as: in your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and/or bedroom. It is important to note that the minimum order required for the manufacture of a custom hydraulic floor will be 15 m2. Ask us and we will gladly expand this information. Come dare and design your own hydraulic mosaic, design here your hydraulic floors completely personalized for you, there are more than 300 different models of hydraulic tiles.


Seleccione el formato y modelo de baldosa para crear su propio diseño de suelo hidráulico.




A medida que vaya coloreando la baldosa el simulador se rellenará automáticamente. Una vez haya finalizado el diseño de su suelo puede comprobar el resultado en la vista 3D.