10 characteristics of the Nordic style

May 13, 2024
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What is Nordic Style?

Nordic style emerged in the early 20th century in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, where the cold days of winter and their characteristic landscape have been translated into home interior decoration: furniture, ornamentation, textiles, and color palettes reflect the charm of these lands where mountains, forests, and snow reign.

Today, it has become one of the most inspiring and desired decorative styles for a large number of interior design enthusiasts. The reason for this boom is its ability to survive fashion trends and lifestyles, adapting to modernity while also bringing a personal and subtle charm to home spaces by combining naturalness, comfort, and minimalism!

Although initially this decorative imprint was extremely purist, over the years, bolder architects and decoration experts have decided to link it to other contrasting styles such as industrial or vintage. This has sparked some daring discussions: for many people, it is interesting and attractive, while others consider it a total antithesis.

The positive aspect of these fusions is that they can inspire you and open the doors of your imagination so that you can opt for the combination of decorative styles that you prefer for your spaces. Never forget the balance!

If you choose to install a Nordic-style hydraulic mosaic floor covering a large part of the space, it is advisable to opt for neutral colors on the walls and simple decoration to minimize contrasts. You can always dare to mix but in moderation!

Characteristics that make Nordic style the most chosen by decoration enthusiasts

Nordic style never ceases to be boring! Its imprint has airs of timelessness that will transform your home into a cozy and natural charm. Want to achieve it? Take note of the 10 main characteristics.


As we have predicted before, the Nordic imprint can be combined (in moderation) with other decorative styles. The most accurate is minimalist! In addition, the fusion of various materials such as wood, natural fiber fabrics, leather, artisanal hydraulic mosaics, is ideal and suitable for achieving the Scandinavian air in your spaces.


The Nordic style has hints of naturalness and craftsmanship. This allows you to let your imagination fly and get down to work on that DIY project that you long to do. You can merge low-cost objects, furniture, textiles created by yourself or recycled from artisanal markets with more expensive design ornaments, creating balanced spaces.


Scandinavian style has undergone changes throughout its inception, and it is necessary that you can adapt to the trends and must-haves that resurface every year. Don’t be afraid of changes or mixes because this imprint allows and promotes it today! An example of this is the incorporation of gold color, which provides a plus of personality in environments through decorative objects.


There are shades that never fail in specific styles. Here, white must not be absent as it is related to the cold and snow that reign in the low countries. Combined with earth tones, ochres, and greens, they will turn your home into a 100% Nordic dwelling.


To combat the chilly climate, Scandinavian countries dress every corner of the home with artisanal fabrics, wools, linens, and high-quality cottons that turn a sofa or bed into the right place to rest and warm up. Don’t forget to include plenty of cushions to take over your sofa for a good rest in the afternoons.


One of the strongest rules in Nordic style is the functionality of space. Furniture and housing structures have a specific functionality, play an important role, and do not occupy space just to be admired for their beauty. So, when selecting furniture, opt for the least amount, pay more attention to the quality of their function. Remember that the Scandinavian imprint also promotes “Less is More” in relation to furniture.


The brightness of each room is fundamental, and in this case, we refer to natural light. Therefore, light and neutral colors should be chosen for the color palette of your home. This way, you will achieve bright and spacious environments.


Do you like art deco? Are you a lover of stripes, diamonds, and geometric figures? You’re in luck! They are the must-haves of the upcoming season, never going out of style, and are the ideal accompaniment to Scandinavian style.


Small details can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Surprise and incorporate accessories, decorative objects, or complements that are the icing on the cake!


Plants not only create a natural and warm atmosphere but also generate calm in the environment, making it more welcoming and healthy. Choose natural ones, renew them, and you will notice the changes in your lifestyle.

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