How to protect the cement tile floor and keep it in excellent condition

June 7, 2024

Protection of Hydraulic Floors

Hydraulic cement tiles are colorful mosaics that, when seen, transport our minds to ancient times, reminiscing about grandma’s house, imagining fairy tale palaces, and the grand monuments of modernism.

Today, they are back in fashion because, in addition to originality and elegance, they provide a vintage look to the home without losing their ability to perfectly adapt to any other decorative style.

The most outstanding feature is the multiplicity of designs that exist and the originality of their motifs, which provide a unique personality to the room and transform every space where they are placed. Therefore, they are ideal for single-family homes, offices, museums, restaurants, hotels, and other places that require impressing guests or visitors.

Although it’s true that hydraulic floors require certain special care sporadically, when treated, the quality and resistance that characterize them are renewed. Treating them correctly is a key factor for them to shine and look like new.

Let’s remember that they are artisanally crafted piece by piece, starting from the compression with a hydraulic press of materials such as cement, sand, and colored pigments, so they need special protection and care like any artisanal product. Mosaics Torra has developed products specially designed to treat and protect hydraulic tiles with the aim of preserving them in perfect condition and increasing their lifespan.

How to Treat and Protect Hydraulic Floors

Treating and protecting hydraulic floors involves minimizing the porosity that characterizes them with the aim of increasing their protection against the frequent stains they are exposed to every day. Without proper cleaning and protection, they would be absorbed by the mosaics, making their complete removal unfeasible.

The products that allow treating hydraulic floors give them a waterproofing power that repels any type of liquids, quickly preventing their absorption. This is the case with Torra waterproofing products: Brite Sealer, Sealer, and Torrastone Sealer.

Torra Sealer Hydraulic Floor Waterproofing

It is ideal for treating all indoor collections manufactured by Mosaics Torra. This product guarantees protection against future stains by creating an extremely resistant barrier and sealing the pores of hydraulic floors. Additionally, it does not alter the original colors of the tiles.

Torra Brite Sealer Hydraulic Floor Waterproofing

This product is solvent-based, which allows for more careful application using a spatula of about 20 cm in both vertical and horizontal directions. This waterproofing enhances the shades of the mosaic, creating a “wet effect” on the pieces.

TorraStone Sealer Hydraulic Floor Waterproofing

It is the ideal product for outdoor collections by Mosaics Torra such as the Torrastone and Gaudí Hexagon series.

In addition to proper waterproofing of our hydraulic floors, we must not neglect continuous cleaning to ensure complete protection of these materials. For this, Torra Floor Cleaner is ideal. It ensures the removal of construction residues, cement, and salt efflorescence, also being suitable for daily use as it provides deep cleaning of stains and moisture residues.

And if you desire a shinier and more durable finish, you can apply our Max Tile wax, an excellent option for achieving more shiny and radiant floors without altering the color of hydraulic tiles.

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