How to clean hydraulic tiles?

March 5, 2024

Have you tried everything to clean your tiles but they still don’t look good? Here, we will explore some home tips to clean your hydraulic and ceramic tiles, leaving them sparkling clean and shiny. Let’s start with ceramic tiles. Please note that while these tips are suitable for ceramic tiles, they may not be appropriate for cleaning hydraulic tiles.

Mosaic Tiles: A Clean Choice

Have you ever wondered why mosaic tiles are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens instead of paint or wood? The answer is simple: Mosaic tiles are much easier to clean than other materials. In rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, dirt and grime accumulate every day and every hour. Can you imagine trying to remove grease stains from painted walls in your kitchen?

Mosaic tiles, with their crystalline and smooth properties, are excellent for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. You can use various cleaning substances, such as pine cleaner or liquid detergent, to clean them and leave them spotless, regardless of whether they are white or very light-colored. It’s challenging for scale, dirt, or stains to build up on mosaic tiles.

Hydraulic mosaic tiles also have the advantage of not harboring colonies of bacteria. Carpets on hydraulic floors are one of the least hygienic options, as the fabric material and moisture provide an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive, making them very difficult to clean thoroughly. Mosaic tiles can be steam-disinfected and thoroughly cleaned from time to time, which is not as difficult as with carpets.

Cleaning hydraulic tiles is simple.

Your family, especially if you have small children, will always be assured of not living all the time with mites and other bacteria.

Preparation of the Tile

A good preparation of the hydraulic tile is fundamental to guarantee its later maintenance and achieve a high-quality result once the installation is complete. First and foremost, after installing all the pavement, it is advisable to wash each of the tiles with neutral liquid soap mixed with water. It is important not to use any type of abrasive liquid such as bleach, ammonia, or anything that may deteriorate the appearance of the hydraulic tile.

Once the liquid soap and water solution has been applied, it is crucial to wait until the floor is completely dry to prevent the appearance of stains. After this step, it is necessary to apply a product that will prevent the appearance of stains caused by the humidity retained by the tile.

The work carried out when laying the hydraulic tiles can cause water evaporation, resulting in the appearance of calcification deposits with a whitish appearance. However, they will easily disappear with the washing of neutral soap. You can also use our cleaning product, Torra Floor Clean, for more effective cleaning.

By following these simple steps, we will prepare the pavement and protect it against humidity, stains, and daily wear. Afterwards, it will only be necessary to periodically perform very simple maintenance, which will preserve all the properties of the hydraulic tile.

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So, if you have a hydraulic floor, NEVER do the following:

The best and most varied places to install cement tiles

Installing cement tiles is one of the best options if you are seeking a cozy and attractive atmosphere in your home. Do you want to know the best places to do so? Don’t miss this comprehensive guide.

The Rise of Cement Tile Installation in Home Spaces

Are you wondering about the best places to install hydraulic tiles? You’ve come to the right place because, in this article, you will discover the optimal environments where your tiles will shine and evoke the best emotions.

More and more people are choosing this material when opting for decorative trends in flooring and wall coverings that enhance their spaces.

It’s not only retro, vintage, and rustic style enthusiasts who opt for cement tiles; today, many modern and avant-garde projects achieve incredible personality thanks to these noble coverings.

We can find different formats and designs that adapt to each decorative style and enhance the distinctive features of a home. In addition to providing multiple technical possibilities to rooms, such as separating spaces or delineating specific areas.

This note is for those who are building or renovating their home, as cement tiles are a booming trend that can be incorporated into any corner of the house.

Thanks to a diversity of patterns and colors, we can give the home a different touch: elegant, rustic, glamorous, cozy, romantic, and any other quality that you are looking to awaken in every corner of the house.

7 Places to Install Cement Tiles

There are several places to install cement tiles and enhance the beauty of a room or completely renovate it. Cement tiles have that strength: they can dazzle a corner and transform it completely.

From Mosaics Torra, we have compiled a series of places to install cement tiles to make your home shine with colors and personality. Shall we explore them?

  1. Children’s Room

Although you may think that cement tiles are linked to an old and sober imprint, there are many alternatives full of colors and cheerful designs that can look perfect in a children’s room.

Bright and cheerful colors, with motifs that include geometric figures, flowers, and other special shapes, can provide fun in this space for the youngest members of the household.

The key to making cement tiles look perfect is to combine them with furniture in neutral tones to avoid overloading the environment.

  1. Master Bedroom

Whether you want to show off an elegant and distinguished bedroom or fill it with colors, with hydraulic tiles, you can achieve the impression and style you desire, thanks to the multitude of designs and color palettes available.

You can create a hydraulic carpet at the foot of the bed or achieve a greater decorative impact by applying mosaics on the headboard using the patchwork technique, which mixes different tiles and provides a highly original result.

  1. Fireplace Surround

On cold winter days, who hasn’t dreamed of taking refuge in front of a fireplace at home?

Having this homely structure gives the space a cozy feeling.

What if we told you that you can dress it up with patterns and colors? By installing cement tiles, you will make it look fun and noticeable even when it is not lit.

Thanks to their resistance and durability, these materials are the ideal choice for such structures that generate heat, so you don’t have to worry about the heat affecting them!

  1. Bathroom

Cement tiles are perfect for this corner of the home, as they withstand the humidity and water that are common in bathrooms. There are even anti-slip options available to add to this environment and prevent accidents.

  1. Foyer

Creating an initial impact when entering your home is easy: installing cement tiles in the entrance hall or hallway will yield a surprising result. You can play with different colors that are balanced with the rest of the rooms, providing continuity to your home.

  1. Kitchen

Create a visual effect in your kitchen with cement tiles, and you will notice how the environment is transformed. You can place decorative borders on the wall or a hydraulic carpet to define the table area. Let your imagination run wild, and you will achieve a unique personality in this space.

  1. Exterior of the Home

Did you know that you can install cement tiles outside? Imagine the balcony or terrace with hydraulic floors that add a bohemian and relaxed style, perfect for enjoying this space after work or on weekends.

The range of possibilities for where to install hydraulic tiles in the home is wide and varied. Discover all the collections of Mosaics Torra and transform your home!

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